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Railway Budget 2012: What’s The Need To Improve Safety Issue?

Sam Pitroda, adviser to PM and Anil Kakodkar suggested to improve the security issues in train in this Railway Budget 2012. This recommendation was done by keeping 23 million regular commuters in Indian Railways every day.

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Indian Railways

Unlike other experts in the past, Pitroda haven’t discussed about increasing railway fares and why railway is running in loss from the last eight years. But the stress was on: the Railways should modernize rapidly; invest more in safety; raise productivity; leverage advanced technology; and revamp its organizational structure to improve its contribution to economy.

Railways other plan is to upgrade 40% of the tracks that carry 80% of traffic. It would help the trains to carry heavier goods & passengers. The committee is also in a need to improve the surcharge of the passenger fares later on.


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