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India Accounts For 15% Of Global Footwear Production

If data revealed by Assocham is to be believed, India accounts for 15% of global footwear production, producing 300 pairs of shoes annually and exporting 10% of these. The study undertaken by Assocham also reveals the per capita consumption of shoes in India which comes out to be 2.5 shoes per year.

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The fact that India’s non-metro footwear market holds huge potential for further growth, has driven premium footwear brands to expand to the tier – II and III cities in India as well as the rural market. This very rural market accounts for 55% of the overall footwear industry in India.

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Men’s footwear dominates the Indian footwear market accounting for 55% of the total, followed by the ladies segment occupying 30% and kids’ segment occupying 15% of the total. The men to women ratio may also witness some changes with the entry of popular brands into the rural space as well.

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Since online retail or e-commerce is on the rise in India, and various websites are now offering big bargains on the most popular brands of shoes and apparel, it’s no surprise that online sales make up 8% of the overall industry sales and according to Assocham, it could rise upto 20% by 2015.

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Although Assocham’s study yields interesting results, it’s data has been questioned in the past, so the exact reliability of these figures remains to be seen.

Source: http://www.pluggd.in/indian-shoe-market-online-sales-data-297/

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