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Royal Bank of Scotland To Hire Top Executive Staff In India In Order To Cut Costs

Royal Bank of Scotland announced on Tuesday to switch 215 roles from Britain to India to cut costs, adding that it would axe a further 83 temporary British roles. “As we work to rebuild RBS we persist to streamline our business to ensure that we remain competitive,” said a spokesman for the state-rescued bank.

RBS India Logo Royal Bank of Scotland

RBS - Royal Bank of Scotland

The bank also added that, “We have embarked upon a three year transformation programme across our finance division which will increase efficiency and allow us to serve our customers better.” RBS which is 82% government owned has slashed about 34, 000 jobs since it was bailed out by the state in 2008.

“It is outrageous that … 200 jobs are being shipped to India,” senior Unite official David Fleming said in a statement. The latest round of job losses sparked anger from Britain’s biggest trade union Unite.


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