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IT Sector In India Left Women At The Back, Says Study

These days mobile are an electronic gadget which is almost is in reach of people of every strata of the society. But still the number of mobile phone users among women are low. A recent study says that 12% women are using mobile lesser than men. The gender gap is also high. Total 17% of women are internet user.

ICRW Logo International Centre for Research of Women
International Centre for Research of Women

But still 20% of women are using mobile by borrowing from their family or friends. According to a study conducted by International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW), women who got recruited in IT sector in the year 2008 was 35%, and expected in the year 2010-2011, 45% to be recruited.

The 2007 Internet in India (I-Cube) report – which identified 32 million active internet users in 30 cities – suggested that the gender gap in internet use was much greater. The number of self-employed women in rural areas are 26% whereas it is 24% in urban areas.


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