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Khazanah Investments Exits After Selling Stake In YES Bank

Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah Investments sold their entire 4.17% stakes to YES Bank. The fund held 1.467 crore stake to YES Bank through Mauritian subsidiary Titiwangsa Investments.

“The stake was old in the share market on Monday at a little discount in the market,” confirmed by a banking analyst. Khazanah Investments started investing in YES Bank from the year 2007.

Khazanah Investments

Titiwangsa Investments Mauritius Ltd held 1.39 crore shares or 4.99 per cent. The experts are saying that the fund realized to have 157% over and above the value of their investment.

Yes Bank Logo

Yes Bank

This is being assumed that they had entered the scrip at Rs 140.70 to a share which was the closing price of YES Bank on the BSE on March 30 2007. Rana Kapoor, MD & CEO said that, “The roughly $110-million transaction at market price, represents strong investment appetite for YES Bank’s stock, strengthening our flexible business and financial model and significant future growth opportunities.”


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