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Nair’s SMM-ART – India’s Leading Entrepreneurial Training Firm

When Nair established SMM-ART in 2000, he had no savings. He was only dependent on Team productivity Consultant Limited. He bought the first office computer system to keep the records on credit, and was supposed to pay Rs. 35,000. But still he was confident in making people trained and market credibility as being one of the best speakers in Mumbai.

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In the journey of 12 years, Nair’s institute trained about 10 lakh entrepreneurs that are why SMM-ART is among the leading entrepreneur training institutes. During his childhood, he used to sell newspapers before going to school and used to earn Rs. 400-500, which was a great burden releaser for his father. After his school he used to go for tuitions. He completed his post-graduate degree in correspondence.

When he enrolled himself in the nine-week public speaking courses, then he felt its importance in professional field. And planned to open such an institute. When he established SMM-ART his contact lists helped him a lot to popularize his institute.


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