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12 Improvements For Passenger Benefits In Rail Budget 2012

Although there has been a substantial rise in the ticket prices as announced in Rail Budget 2012, the Govt. has also announced various new things which are beneficial to the Railway Passengers.

Will we ever get trains like this in India?

Will we ever get trains like this in India?

Let us take a look at 12 such announcements from Rail Budget 2012 which we think will be very helpful for the passengers:

  • Modernise over 80% of the railway track (Which is approx. 19,000 kms.) across all states in the country. More than 250 major bridges on the Railway Tracks will also be renovated.
  • Special Coaches will be introduced for disabled persons
  • Special Cell for evaluating and taking care of passenger safety on Trains
  • Exclusive AC Lounges will be built at various stations and junctions
  • More Train related information in real-time will be made available via SMS and online
  • A new firm(Company) will be formed by the Railway Ministry whose only purpose is to look after the 7083 stations, and make the facilities on these stations more user-friendly.
  • A new Logistics Division will be setup in order to provide total goods storage and transport services for users and businesses. In addition to this wagons with high payloads will also be introduced.

You can read about the remaining 6 Improvements for Passengers from the Rail Budget 2012, on this page.


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