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Misc. Passenger Friendly Improvements Announced In Rail Budget 2012

We have already told you about Six important passenger friendly improvements which have been introduced at this year’s Rail Budget. Highlights of these are modernisation of tracks, comfortable AC lounges at stations, more information about trains for passengers and others. Read more about them here.

Maharaja Express - When Will all Indian Trains look like this?
Maharaja Express – When Will all Indian Trains look like this?

Let us take a look at some more passenger friendly improvements which were announced at this year’s Rail Budget, 2012:

  • 725 KMs of new lines to be added by 2013 and 750 KMs worth of tracks will be doubled to enable faster commute via trains. Also, 6500KMs of tracks will be electrified facilitating faster electric trains to ply on these routes.
  • 1000 new railway stations will be put on the Indian Rail Map
  • Express Trains will now get a new speed limit – 160KMs per hour. As of now only the Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains were plied at high speeds. If this goes through, Kolkata – Delhi hourney would take just 14 hours as compared ti the current 18 hours
  • Fare concessions will be increased to the tune of Rs 800 crore per year and almost 50 per cent concession in fare has been announced for anaemia and sickle cell disease patients travelling by AC classes


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