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Airtel Launches iExam – Competitive Exam Preparation On TV

Typical mentality of parents in India is that they never allow their children to watch Television for a long time. Well, now Airtel has launched a new service called the iExam which will help students to prepare for their exams right on their TV screens using Airtel DTH which currently has a 7.1 crore user base.

Airtel iExam

Airtel iExam

iExam is an unique interactive service designed especially for students taking competitive examinations directly. Currently, exams like AIEEE and IIT-JEE are only supported but in the future more exams like CAT and UPSC will also be supported. The content for the exams have been developed by famous coaching center Career Point in Kota.

Here are the salient features of the iExam system:

  • Students get their individual rank & percentile directly on their television sets
  • Students also get personalized explanation of their scores
  • In-depth exam analytics that underlines weak / strong areas along with timing skills and accuracy levels
  • Detailed feedback and recommendations based on the individual’s performance.
  • Information about top colleges in the country and details on upcoming competitive exams
  • Information on education loans is also offered which is critical for any aspirant

Pricing of the iExam facility:

  • 1 Week Package – Rs. 49/- & 18 Tests
  • 4 Week Package – Rs. 195/- & 72 Tests
  • 10 Week Package – Rs. 449/- & 180 Tests

To subscribe iExam for a week SMS ADD Exam to 54325

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