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Credit Card & Debit Card Transactions Went Up To 53% In December 2011

Credit card transactions were made in December of about Rs. 8,421 crore, up to 53% in the month of December, 2011 as compared to the same month 2010.


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According to the Reserve Bank of India data, the number of credit card in circulation has declined by 14.4% to 1.76 crore as of December 2011. The credit card transactions during April-December 2011 was Rs. 70, 711 crore up, 54.5 % from the first three quarters of 2010-11. In the mean time, the useage of debit cards got increased in December to Rs. 4,877 crore.

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There were over 26.37 crore debit cards in use as of December, up 54.6 per cent from the year-ago period.  Transaction through debit card during April-December period was up over two-fold to Rs. 39, 382 crore in comparison to the previous year. On the other hand, debit card usage went up by 46.46% in the last financial year to Rs. 39, 691.88 crore.


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