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Is It Not The Right Time Now To Go For An MBA In UK?

It is well known that majority of India prefers foreign studies and degrees especially in USA and UK. But latest statistics reveal that the unemployment rate or the number of Britons without work has reached to 22.3%, the highest value in 17 years as said by Office for National Statistics on Wednesday.

Going for an MBA in the United Kingdom?

Going for an MBA in the United Kingdom?

The number of people without a job rose by 118,000 to 2.685 million in the three months ended by November. This is the highest value since August 1994. British industrial output shrank 0.6%. These recent incidents are indeed of exceptional magnitude and severity. MBA in England in this situation and condition can demand a lot out of a student’s benefit. Especially, cost and job prospects might not be promising. It will cost at least 5-10% more than Indian MBA.

A survey done by the Federation of Small Businesses said that smaller firms are also planning on job cuts. However, a drop in inflation to 4.2% in December raised hopes of falling prices. Nevertheless, statistics showed that average weekly earnings and bonuses grew only 1.9% latest by Wednesday. Fee reduction and squeeze on the budget should be kept in mind before taking a step forward and going for an MBA in the United Kingdom.

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