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IIM Kozhikode Final Placements Observe Highest CTC Ever On Campus

This year in IIM Kozhikode, during the final placements students got the highest CTC from a European I-Bank, which offered $ 150,000 and a top domestic CTC was of Rs. 32 lakhs. The average CTC at the institute rose by 7% this year.

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IIM Kozhikode

Whereas the general management sector and operations sector observes a jump of more than 30% in average CTC, consulting and finance saw the double digit growth in the average CTC. This year many e-commerce companies cam to IIM for recruitment. The e-commerce companies like, Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Yebhi.com and Zygna among some of the renowned recruiters.

Sales and marketing companies lead the charge with the maximum number of offers, followed by finance, general management, consulting, IT and operations. IIM Kozhikode saw a 47% growth in first time recruiters. Some 135 companies participated in the recruitment process for 317 students despite of economic slowdown.


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