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PepsiCo Eyes The Indian Health And Wellness Sector

PepsiCo, global soft drinks and snacks manufacturer is planning to expand its reach in the health and wellness sector. As a part of it, company introduced a premium range of potato chips, “Lays Baked” which has 50% less fat than its existing fried products on Wednesday under Lays brand. Along with brands like Pepsi, Kurkure, Nimbooz and Aliva, PepsiCo sells breakfast cereals under ‘Quaker’ brand and juice brands like Tropicana 100 per cent, Gatorade as a part of health promotion.

Lays "Baked" Potato Wafers

Lays "Baked" Potato Wafers

PepsiCo India Marketing Director (Foods) Vidur Vyas told reporters that company was always interested in manufacturing healthy products and through “Lays Baked”, company is expanding its health portfolio. The new product, with its target mainly on young women, was launched in three flavors, Original Salted, Cream Herb and Onion and Sunkissed Tomato.

Sales will be initially focused in Urban areas and will be sold in top 60 cities. It will be available in a price range of Rs.15 to Rs.30 while all other products are sold under a price range of Rs.5 to Rs.20.

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