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Tata Motors Increases Vehicle Prices By Rs.35,000

In the recently concluded Budget, it was announced that the excise duty on automobiles would be increased by 2%. And as expected, major automobile manufacturers have started increasing the prices of their cars and other vehicle offerings. Tata Motors announced just announced an hike of Rs. 35,000 on most of their passengers and commercial vehicles.

TATA Motors Logo & Emblem
TATA Motors Logo & Emblem

As  excise duty on cars got increased from 10% to 12%, Tata promptly pushed this hike in prices right from March 16, the date when budget was declared. And depending on the type / model of the vehicle, the hike will range between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 36,000. We are also expecting other major auto manufacturers like Hyundai, Maruti and Honda to roll out their hikes soon.

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