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Indians Spend The Most On Education – Credit Suisse Report

Credit Suisse Research Institute conducted a study on the attitude of people towards personal finances over various countries and proved that Indians are liberal with spending amount on education though they have strong tendencies of saving. Institute pointed out through its study that Indian consumers are more confident with their personal finances than others residing in other emerging economies.

Credit Suisse says Indians spend the most on Education!

Credit Suisse says Indians spend the most on Education!

Jatin Chawla, vice-president (research) at Credit Suisse said India’s high rate of spending on education shows a positive long term macro trend for the economy. About 32% of children are gettting education apart from typical schooling vis-a-vis 23% last year. Also adult participation in extra courses has increased from 3% to 12%.

The Life Insurance Company and real assets like gold and property (land) are the main sources of investment in India. This attitude of prior importance to education among Indians will attract many investors in educational sector.

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