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Pepsi Starts Campaign To Help People Get Rid Of Obesity

Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, started with a health campaign in order to save their customers and not to make people suffer from obesity. For this, Pepsi have to discontinue their food and beverage products costs $ 65 billion, but she is thinking it as a long term goal for her company.

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Nooyi in her new corporate citizen report wrote that, “…sustainability of our business depends on investing in a healthier future for our consumers…” on the other hand, Wall Street is recurrently asking about the new business model of PepsiCo, they want Pepsi to continue with their products for which they are famous from the ages.

John Elkington, co-founder of the London-based think tank and consultancy Sustainability, believes that Nooyi is running ahead of her times, because still this is not the demand of the market. He also added that, “It doesn’t mean that she is wrong.”


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