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Tata Communications To Recruit 1200 New Employees

Through outsourcing, Tata Communications is going to recruit 1200 staffs more in the coming 12 months in the sales and engineering division as it is running through losses from the last three years, the firm’s CEO confirmed this on Wednesday.

Tata Communications Logo
Tata Communications

 The operations of the company have also decided to increase the debt, said the CEO of Tata Communications, Vinod Kumar. He declined to mention anything about the prospects of buying Cable and Wireless Worldwide (CWW). Sources said that Tata was seeking $2 billion in term loans to finance a potential bid as well as to refinance existing debt.

Kumar also said that Tata Communications does not consider those levels of speculation are required any more, even to keep the business growing at the same rate. The company has done the heavy lifting. As of now, the company has 7700 workers and after recruitment it will be 8900.


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