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Important Consumer Trends In Indian Market

Consumer stocks are the very important part of the Indian business from the last two years. But the price is rising and higher repayments of loans, still is creating a million dollar question on the sustainability of the Indian consumer market.

Consumer Trends in India

Consumer Trends in India

The very famous and listed consumer segments are in automobile, apparel, jewellery and FMCG. But still the investors are thinking whether the market is safe or not in the last two years. Some of the sectors among these were observing their growth consistently, but some of them gained profit from March 2011 till the end of 2011.

In the last two years, the Indian buyers have changed their buying patterns, as their choices have got changed a lot with the time. Consumer durable companies gained a collective revenue growth of 13% in the March 2011.

But on the other hand, Hitachi Home, an AC manufacturing company observed 8% loss of market. Over the past year, branded dresses became more costly due to the high excise duty.

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