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GAIL, Oil India May Buy Reliance Gas Transport Infrastructure (RGTIL)

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Gas Transport Infrastructure Limited (RGTIL) is going to sell out, and PSU companies gail and oil india showed their interest to buy a part of Ambani’s camp. Though there is no official announcement in the market, but the sources of both the sides are declaring this.

RGTIL Logo Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure

RGTIL - Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure

Mukesh Ambani can get Rs. 10, 000 crore for this big project. JPMorgan, SBI Capital and Citi are engaged in the selling process of RGTIL. Ambani is willing to sell this company because of the low amount of gas production in the KG Basin.

GAIL Logo Gas Authority of India

GAIL - Gas Authority of India

RGTIL is currently operating Rs. 15, 000 crore East-West Gas Pipeline (EWPL) which is connecting Kakinada to industrial area of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Oil India Logo

Oil India

RGTIL got the license in the year 2007 to build two pipelines which connected Kakinada-Vizianagaram-Srikakulam and another will connect Kakinada-Ennore-Nellore-Chennai. But the projects were detained due to the unavailability of gas in this area.


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