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Raheja Universal To Sell 38 Acre Land In Navi Mumbai For Rs. 450 – 500 Crores

The much known realty developer Raheja Universal is coming up with a huge project in Navi Mumbai and are willing to sell close to 38 acres of land from the total land chunk dedicated towards development of the Raheja International Corporate City (RICC).

Raheja Universal Logo

Raheja Universal

Adjacent to that area, Raheja’s will also start constructing information technology park, Special Economic Zone. This was informed by the officials who are involved in this project.

This is fixed that, Ashish and Suresh Raheja from Raheja Universal is aiming to raise Rs. 450-500 crore after selling the 38-acre land, as the price of the land is increasing day by day and due to its upmarket location.

Raheja Universal informed to the media that RICC is their flagship project and they are willing to sell the properties there and want to tie-up a good relation with their customers. And the rest of the land will be a part of the flagship project.


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