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LPG, Cooking Gas To Get Costlier In Mumbai, Maharashtra

The Maharashtra Finance Minister, Ajit Pawar, presented his financial budget of 2012-13 and imposed Rs. 152 crore revenue surplus on cooking gas cylinders in the current fiscal year 2012-13. Although there are no other kind of taxes imposed on cooking gas, but everybody’s budget is going to suffer a lot.

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In the previous year’s budget, a revenue surplus of Rs. 58.20 crore as proposed, the state logged a huge revenue deficit of Rs. 208.71 crore as a number of sops were announced by the government during this year.

In 2012-13 the revenue receipts are expected to reach Rs. 1,36, 711 crore and the revenue expenditure will be Rs. 1,36, 599 crore. In his budget speech, Pawar also levied taxes of 20% on tobacco and allied products. Beedis are also injurious to health, that’s why Pawar levied 12.5% tax on them also.


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