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Air India Is Losing Rs. 10 Crore Daily

Government will be getting Rs. 574 crore from Air India with Prime Minister’s Office having an outstanding of more than Rs. 200 crore, civil aviation minister Ajit Singh declared today.

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Air India

Singh told in the Lok Sabha that, the Air India has to pay all the outstandings to the different ministries of the central government as it is run by the India government. He also included that PMO be obliged Rs. 200.40 crore. Air India is facing huge financial crisis right now and that’s why the company is unable to pay the salaries to the staffs also.

At this point of situation, all the pilots and other employees of Air India gave ultimatum to the company to pay their salaries till March 31, otherwise they will start with their strike and all the passengers will suffer. On the other hand, Singh concluded by saying that Air India has solved almost 121 cases against themselves over the Mangalore Air India Express crash in 2010.


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