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Entry Level Cars In India Getting Cheaper; Thanks To Tata Nano

In January 2008, when Tata Nano was unveiled by Tata Motors in New Delhi Auto Expo, many carmakers were eyeing to change their view points and was trying to develop some small cars like Nano. This 1 lakh-car gave birth to many complicated questions in the car world.

Renault Nissan Logo
Renault Nissan

Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Renault-Nissan took a close view to the automobile market of India and tried to come up with the point that, India’s entry level for the new cars has got changed a lot. On the launching of Nano, Tata Motors promised to their buyers a lot, but still the company has lot of faith on Nano and is optimistic of holding a lion share in the automobile market of India.

Tata Nano Logo
Tata Nano

Renault will share some space with Nissan India to launch their new cars. Their product is expected to be available within 3 lakhs. Hyundai India is also stepping towards modifying Eon which is a bit dearer to Maruti Alto in the market right now.

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