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Excise Duty On Jewellery Triggers Strike; Jewellery Sales Down By 80%

All the jewelers declared today also that, till the day the government won’t withdraw all the imposed excise duties on the unbranded jewellery, they will continue with their nationwide strike. The strike started from March 17.

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GILI - Gitanjali Jewellers

The jewellery shopkeepers submitted their petitions to the state governments, Commissioners of excise, MPs and MLAs for getting a positive result. But all their efforts went in vain. They were supposed to end with their strike by March 31, but now they are on “indefinite” strike.

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This strike is affecting about 80% of the sales of jewellery in India. The strike has the support of about 600 retail and wholesale jewellery associations representing Rs. 3 lakh units across the country.

Another 800 organizations are supporting this strike. Right now some kind of indications are coming that Finance Minister will take back the excise duty on jewellery.


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