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Developers Are Cashing In With India’s Booming App Market

There is definitely an increase in the app economy of India and this is not only in the mentioned place but all across the globe. The million users of mobile apps today is going into a trend where it is still expected to grow to $1 billion in half a decade from an estimated $4 billion in the year 2009.

Mobile App Economy In India is set to grow like crazy

Mobile App Economy In India is set to grow like crazy

This success in the world of mobile apps was also the reason why there is an increase in the number of developers who are trying to cease the opportunity of the market.

According to Yogesh Bansal, Founder and CEO, ApnaCircle.com, the app market of India is huge and it will continue to grow in a rapid pace. Bansal also stated that new revenue models are bound to evolve in the near time.

To note, there are nearly 100 million apps being downloaded every month and this is used in different platforms. This is not a surprise since Smartphone popularity continues to rise. With this, people who develop mobile apps are in constant pursuit to find some new ways to break into the market.

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