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HCL Infosystems To Bid For Aakash 2 Tablet

There is no need to specifically mention about the World’s cheapest tablet PC, the Aakash. The first set of orders was bagged by a UK-based company, Datawind for 1 Lakh units. As per a government’s statement, the second round of bidding for manufacturing the upgraded version of Aakash which is currently called as Aakash 2 will be some time later this year.

HCL Infosystems Logo

HCL Infosystems

HCL Infosystems have mentioned that they will be participating in tenders for the manufacture at a feasible price. Now, that means a price definitely less than existing ones; for the record, the government is making these gadgets available at Rs.1500 to students.

We do not know if Datawind will also bid for the second round of manufacturing but HCL Infosystems will have its value unless it bids at a higher price. HCL has already released some gadgets of such kind previously but Aakash is a different deal on the whole!


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