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Tablet Sales In India Touched 4.75 Lakh In 2011

Cyber Media research has found out that Indians are getting more inclined to tablets! With lots of companies coming up with cheaper gadgets, a report suggests that there were 4.75 lakh tablet units sold in India last year.

Tablet computers in India

Tablet computers in India

Samsung was the first company to introduce tablets into the Indian market and companies like Intex and Micromax are coming up with newer models. Last few months saw products like INTEX itab at Rs.11,900 and Wishtel’s tablet at Rs.4,000.

Majority of the models are being targeted for youth as they are the section of people which are using these gadgets more often. Analysis also says that there are many tablets lined up for release this year and the competition between gadgets is set to heat up the market! 3G services will play an important role in the success of these devices!

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