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How Rohit Gadia Turned His Passion Into A 13 Crore Stock Market Research Company – CapitalVia

A lot would say that establishing a business is easy for a person in a family with high financial capacity. This might be true to most people, but this is not the case for Rohit Gadia. He belongs to a business family, but he stopped depending on his father for finances on his second year in college. As expected, this was not an easy decision to make, but he managed to do well with it.

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His love and interest in trading and investment lead him to establish a one-man company he named CapitalVia. This is a web-based research company that does analysis and provides recommendations to traders. Rohit Gadia managed to rent an office and hired 4-5 people as a start.

His dedication to his business and his love for what he does is primarily the reason why his business succeeded. Currently, they have  offices in different places and to name some, we have Bangalore, Indore, Delaware and Singapore. They are even planning to add 12 – 15 branches across the country by the end of 2012-13. But, amidst this rapid and sustaining development, the team never cease in working hard.

Due to the rise of the trade and investment industry, there have been a lot of people who tried to pull the company down. This is definitely not that easy to handle, but in time, Gadia had managed to deal with problems internally, with employee issues and externally, on the competition that lurks outside their business.

He managed to pull it off by sticking to his motto which is “Keep moving forward. If you can’t fly, you may crawl”. This motto is definitely one that should be observed by most entrepreneurs today especially with the economy being unstable and competition in every sector is increasing.

Today the company is known to be one of the largest professional research and analysis team in India. The number of employees as well as customers of the company had gradually increased as a sign that the company is developing well. This just proves that when you do things that you love, you will definitely be successful in time especially if you add hard work and dedication to what you do.


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