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Advent International To Invest Rs. 523 Crore In CARE Hospitals

It is definitely good news that there are companies like Advent International that is set to invest in CARE Hospitals. A statement from the mentioned company said that the purpose of the investment is to help CARE Hospitals improve their healthcare services and also to provide a good chance for growth and development.

CARE Hospitals Logo

CARE Hospitals

This will surely add up to the development of CARE hospitals that started from a 100-bed cardiac care hospital in 1997 to a multi specialty hospital group with 1,590 beds.

CARE has been providing medical services on South India and specializes in different fields like cardiac care, neurology, general medicine and nephrology. It is ranked number 5 in terms of revenue and number of beds among hospitals in India.

Dr. B. Soma Raju, Founder of CARE Hospitals said that their partnership with Advent will definitely provide them with enough resources to support and expand the services they offer to the people in India.


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