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5 IIM Grads Leave Jobs To Start Own Ventures In Education & Finance Sectors

A lot of us have observed that economy of most countries today has become a roller-coaster ride. But, amidst this fact there is a sector that has steadily stood against all these challenges, and it is education. This is the reason why most of the business plans of fresh IIM graduates are betting on education.

The following are the IIM graduates who have stake their business on education, Chandresh Maithil, Deepak Nanwani, Prateek Shah, Pooja Mishra and Raghavendra Pinninty. These graduates have seen the potentials of education for business. These people do not only think about the benefits that they will gain from their business, but also to the effects that their business can provide in the education system of their country.

One of the common denominator of these graduates is that they are planning to start their business on their own expense. Surely, these graduates do not belong to rich families that can provide then with enough capital to have their business established easily. They are still searching for help from investors.


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