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DBS Bank To Soon Start Operating as a subsidiary in India

There are now a lot of organizations that see the potential of India when it comes to doing some business and among these companies is the DBS Bank. They have seen significant business opportunities in the country and would be glad to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary in the country.

DBS Bank Logo

DBS Bank

This will definitely be possible if tax problems will be addressed well. Chief Officer Piyush Gupta said that they would be happy if they would see the regulation around subsidiarisation is handled in the soonest possible time.

The Reserve Bank in India is doing their best to address tax issues on capital gains and stamp duty. This is really important since it will drive investors to the country if tax problems are addressed well.

The idea behind the subsidization of foreign banks like DBS is intended to have a better regulatory control on companies. Also it would help in making sure that risks can be minimized.


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