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SBH Offers Special Term Deposit Scheme At 10.2% Interest

A lot of us know the advantage of saving your money in different investment firms like banks since the money that you will deposit would grow in a certain interest rate. It is good news that SBH will be offering special deposit term on April 4 and 5.

SBH Logo (State Bank of Hyderabad)

SBH (State Bank of Hyderabad

This is one of their ways of celebrating their 70th anniversary. This is something that a lot of people should take advantage of since a 10.2 % interest is a great deal.

The Managing Director of the bank, Mr M. Bhagavantha Rao told Business Line that they will be offering a 10.2 per cent interest. This is 70 basis points higher interest than the normal rate. Another special term that they offer is for the senior citizens where they will get 10.7 per cent interest on their deposit.

It would really be a good opportunity that everyone should grab. This is not something that will be offered everyday so everyone is encouraged to cease the opportunity while it’s there.


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