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Walmart Is Training 60,000 Women Workers In India

It is really good to hear that there is a program initiated by Walmart which is considered as a global retail giant. The program is intended for the 60,000 women who are working in their factories in Bangladesh, China and India.

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The program is called the “Women in Factories” and this will be implemented to address the commons needs of their women employees when it comes to knowledge about their work. This will include learning critical life skills that are related to hygiene, communication, occupational and reproductive health as well as gender sensitivity.

All of these are really important for a woman who works in any factory. There will also be around 8,000 women that will be trained for leadership skills that will give them the skill they need to become more successful.

It is indeed a noble act that Walmart will provide these training to its employees. Walmart Ethical Sourcing vide president Rajan Kamalanathan said in a statement that these trainings will help their employees have a better life.


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