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India Becomes A CGAP Member

CGAP which is housed at the World Bank is an organization that is trying to alleviate and provide solution to poverty all over the world. It is an organization that does independent research in order to gain knowledge on advance financial access. This research is primarily intended for the world’s poor.


CGAP - Consultative Group to Assist the Poor

This noble goal of the organization might be one of the reasons why India had become a member of the said organization just recently. This information was provided by Vijay Mahajan Managing director of Basix Microfinance and president of Microfinance Institutions Network.

The goal of this organization has been supported by 30 development agencies and private foundations which is the reason why it has maintained its operation until now.

India, becoming a member of the organization is an achievement for this international apex body for microfinance since for the first time; a developing country had joined then. With this, India will be taking part of in the world table on the issue of financial inclusion. This will surely bring a lot of good stuff to the country.


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