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TVS Reports 15 Fold Growth In Sales; Targets Rs. 4000 Crore Sales In 2015

One of the most successful companies in India is the TVS group. The company has been doing their business for about a century and is still going strong amidst some competitions that they had encountered in various fields of their business.

TVS Motors Logo

TVS Motors

It had sustained their growth with implementing caution over soaring ambition. R Dinesh had seen another way of raising their business to another height. He is one of the scions of the TVS family and he runs the logistics arm.

He runs his business in his own ways and in just seven years he had managed to grow the sales of TVS logistics 15-fold. Now, he is planning to increase their sales to about $1 billion by the year 2015.

A lot might laugh and be doubtful with this idea since most other known companies have found it time consuming to reach that goal for example Infosys took 23 years to clock $1 billion in sales and Wipro in 24 years.

Many of his relatives who are in the business will not be surprised with the statement of Dinesh. They have known him to be a brilliant person and genius when it comes to running a business.


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