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Rs 1,000 Crore Chemical Facility Being Setup At Dahej By BASF India

A good news for people living at Dahej in Gujarat since a chemical facility is about to be set up in the mentioned place. This facility will house about 250 people at full capacity, primarily in operations. It will be starting its production in the year 2014.



This is something that people in the place should be happy about since it will introduce an avenue for improvement and employment. The facility will be financed by Chemicals producer BASF India with an amount of Rs 1,000 Crore.

The new production plant is aimed for local benefits. It will ensure that there will always be a good supply for the growing marketing in the place and in the country as a whole.

Some of these products would be footwear, appliances, construction materials, automotive, paper, architectural products and personal care. It will also be an integrated hub for polyurethane manufacturing and polymer dispersions for coatings and paper.


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