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Reliance Digital Touches 75 Outlets Mark

Reliance Digital, which is among India’s largest electronic retail chain, had nearly tripled the number of its stores in the past one year. A year ago, the store counts to only 27 stores and now it had reached 75 outlets with 16 of these stores being established in the month of March 2012.

Reliance Digital Logo

Reliance Digital

This is really an outstanding performance of a retail chain. The reason why this store is very popular is that it offers consumers durable products and electronic goods of different uses and brands. The company have mentioned that their plans have already been laid out that will still boost their development in the next business year.

The company has some plans in creating a strong workforce that can help them carry the development of their brad. Also, they are planning to strengthen their brand by offering their clients with a better consumer experience out of their electronic stuffs.


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