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Elle To Open 20 Stores In India; With Arvind Brands

A lot of people have known Elle products (Of Elle 18 cosmetics fame) since it has been in the business for quite a long time with their presence felt in 80 countries. For the record, 65% of their sales are coming from Asia Pacific Region.

Arvind Brands Mills logo

Arvind Brands

This well known product in France, have launched its apparel in India with Arvind Lifestyle Brands as their partner. They are planning to open 20 stores in the next year which just shows how popular their products are and also how confident they are that everything would be great for them.

Elle Logo


The company is also looking forward to bring other product and services like spas, salons, cafes and even water. This is not only good for the country, but also good for the consumers.

This will surely introduce a lot of good benefits to everyone like more jobs to the country and more services. The first products that they introduced are for women and hopefully for kids soon.

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