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IFC Invests $6.5 Million In Snowman Logistics

Farm products in India are contributing to the overall income of the country. Since agricultural products are being made in a fast pace, it has become a problem how these products are to be stored. It is really good news that a member of the World Bank Group which is IFC is providing USD 6.5 million to Snowman logistics.

Snowman Logistics Logo

Snowman Logistics

The money will be used for the groups division for creating quality and efficient storage for farm products. This will now be an advantage for companies that create these kinds of products.

IFC Logo International Finance Corporation

IFC - International Finance Corporation

Snowman Logistics is now on its growth phase and the investment made to this company will surely help supplement this growth. This investment will also lead to development of storage sites in other location.

The investment will also help the group lower its operation cost and prevent any waste in their farm product production. Most of the clients of Snowman are those in the food and agriculture sector.


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