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Indian Institute Of Jewellery Starts Centre In Ahmedabad

The gems and jewelry industry in Gujarat is not quite developed until it came to the point that the Indian Institute of Jewelry (IIJ) which is an autonomous jewelry training institute had launched its first center in the mentioned place. The main objective of this launch is to create skilled workers in the jewelry industry.

IIJ Logo - Indian Institute of Jewellery

IIJ - Indian Institute of Jewellery

The CEO of IIJ Mr. Ajay Lalwani had seen a good potential when it comes to gems and jewelry industry in Gujarat and is expecting some major growth in it. With this growth, there will surely be an increase demand for skilled and trained individuals. The IIJ is aiming to create a workforce that will be able to sustain the growing industry of jewelry in Gujarat.

The IIJ’s center in Ahmedabad will make it sure that they will be able to cater students with interest in the said field and helping them to have the right skill and knowledge to build a good career in the industry. They are aiming to provide quality workers not only in India, but also in the global market.


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