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10 MW Solar Project of Bosch in India

Energy is very much important in a developing country and it is very good to note that India is doing great when it comes to utilizing solar energy. A global supplier of technology and services Bosch is looking forward for a 10 mega watt worth of projects for the next few years in India.

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This is really good news, not only for the government in India, but also for the people. While giving a lot of advantages in companies, it would also provide a good number of job opportunities to people.

According to the sales director of Solar Energy Division Venugopalan C M, they are in constant communication with the private companies in order to provide a 10 MW project in places like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka.

With this good news with regards to solar energy in India, it is clear that there will be a lot of opportunities in the country. This solar energy will play a key role in the further development and progress of the country.


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