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Dabur India Reports Rs. 4800 Crore Turnover; Plans To Invest In Innovation

In order to maintain the momentum with its growth, Dabur India, a homegrown FMCG firm made a statement that they will speed up innovation for new products. As what we all know, most consumers are looking for something new in the market and people in the business industry should always address this crave of the consumers.

Dabur India Logo - Celebrate Life

Dabur India - Celebrate Life

The company had faced a lot of challenges with the slowing economy of the country. The rising input cost and the fluctuation of wild currency is not also doing well for Dabur India. But, amidst all these they still have surpassed the $1 billion turnover in the 2001-12 fiscal. This information was provided by the CEO Sunil Duggal.

The company has really been affected by the rising cost of materials in creating their products in the first half of the FY12. This is definitely a though time for them. What they did is stepped up in producing new products in order to improve their number of consumers.


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