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Kores India To Offer Out Of The Box Office Solutions

Kores India Private Limited, one of the famous stationery makers in the segment is planning to launch office solutions from now to businesses, including products related to office automation.

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Kores India

Dr. A.K. Garg, Senior Vice-president, marketing and sales launched a new product on Monday; clear glue stick with five years non-drying guarantee! He mentioned that the company has grown from the stage of manufacturing stationary products to a position where it can offer solutions that can cater the needs of an office.

It would be interesting to watch the approach of kores India follows to address office solutions. With already many major companies established in the market, price and innovativeness of the products will be the key for Kores’ survival in this segment. Well, let us wait and see if the company will create a revolution as it has been doing in stationary segment since its inception from 1936.


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