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IT Spending In India To Touch 1.95 Lakh Crore Rupees By 2012 End – An Increase Of 10.3%

Gartner Inc told on Tuesday that IT is planning to grow by $39 billion in 2012, a 10.3% increase from the previous fiscal year’s amount of $36 billion. IT Spending in the Indian enterprise is spread across all industry markets. The Indian enterprise is very much different from other markets in Asia/Pacific.

Gartner Research

Gartner Research

IT is India is expected to grow with increasing annual surplus till the year 2015. Recent incidents like decision to allow foreign investment in Indian carriers and the inflation that struck during 2008-2009, has made IT gain focus among various enterprises said Derry Finkeldey, principal research analyst at Gartner.

Especially 100% foreign direct investment in single-brand retail, and up to 51% in multi-brand retail has given IT an opportunity of usage and adoption. Gartner also said that the retail industry may register the strongest growth in terms of percentage in 2012 whereas IT spending is expected to grow by 11.8%.


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