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Jeep To Enter India

When you think of a big market, India is the best destination undoubtedly! Automobile segment is no different! ‘Jeep’ is one of the companies which made automobiles to what they are now bringing grace to it. Now, ‘Jeep’ is looking to enter into the Indian market grandly.

Jeep Logo


This company, which is one of the biggest in America, is all set to change the SUV segment of the country. To know about the company a bit, Jeep is a part of Chrysler group and Fiat is ready to market these vehicles in India. To add, Fiat is the owner of Chrysler group since few years.

Grand Cherokee and Wrangler are the most likely models to be introduced firstly by the company. These models are updated with all latest developments with respect to the industry. Jeep Grand Cherokee is expected to cost around Rs. 40 Lakh in Indian Currency, and the Jeep Wrangler is set to be launched at around Rs. 30 Lakh in Indian currency.

This is breaking news and it would be interesting how this giant will affect the present scenario of automobiles in the country.


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