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Avaya And Bharti Airtel Sign A 5 Year Contract Worth Rs. 375 Crores

It is definitely good news for India since Telecom equipment maker Avaya Corp had signed a multimillion-dollar contract with in 5 years. The contract involves building call centers for India’s leading telecom company, Bharti Airtel in Africa and Asia.

Bharti Airtel Logo

Bharti Airtel Logo

This has been one of the biggest deals that the company has gotten into according to their head of managed services Ed Nalbandian. The signing of contract happened in March. Among the biggest deal that Avaya got into is with a manufacturing company and the involving amount was $75 million.

Avaya Global Logo

Avaya Global

The two companies have long been doing a partnership when it comes to establishing call centers in India. The good thing with the Avaya is that it can provide all the technology that you need when it comes to making a call center transaction work better again.

This technology would involve video and social media capabilities in call centers. An analyst pointed out that the agreement of the two is a win-win state.

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