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Lanco Solar To Start 56 MW Capacity Solar Power Plants In Gujarat

Gujarat is soon to become the largest solar power destination in India. Today, the solar production of India is reaching about 900 MW. Gujarat will be producing two-thirds of these.

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Lanco Solar

This just shows that it is really capable of producing that much of solar power. On Thursday, the first Solar Power Park in India would be developed. It will have a generation capacity of 500 MW in 3,000 acres in Patan district.

This solar part in Gujarat is intended to boost the interest of people when it comes to solar energy. This will not only help the people in India, but also will be of big help to the government.

In addition to this good news, Lanco Solar is planning on commission of 56 MW grid connected solar power plants in Gujarat. The CEO of Lanco Solar Mr V. Saibaba, mentioned that the Gujarat is the forefront of solar development in the country.

Their company is expecting to be able to improve that projects that they are already planning in the place.

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