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50 bps Cut In Repo Rate; But Loans Not Cheaper

Dr D. Subbarao, made a decision regarding key policy rates that is first in about three years. A 50 point basis was cut in the repo rate. This has been good news for banks giving them the relief they need on the liquidity front.

RBI Logo Reserve Bank of India

RBI - Reserve Bank of India

This decision was made due to the slowdown in growth. It has been believed that inflation had been moderated, but there are some fears that it will become a problem soon.

The RBI has projected this inflation that is why they have done the said act. They have already given a notice last January that such actions would take place. The RBI had taken into consideration a lot of things when it comes to their projection on growth and inflation.

There has been a lot of problem when there is inflation and everyone should be prepared for it. If anyone will not be prepared for this, they will surely suffer the consequences. You do not have to be an expert to know how important it is to prepare for inflation.

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