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Indian Govt. Allows RIL-BP To Survey Only 5 Gas Fields In KG-D6 Block

The Reliance industries proposal to invest survey of all discoveries made in KG-D6 has been rejected by the government of India. The company has been directed to restrict pre-development expenses only to selected fields that have commercial value.

BP Logo British Petroleum

BP - British Petroleum

The RIL and its British partner BP Plc had proposed pre-development investments, but this was rejected on April 20. This kind of idea can only be done in fields where there is a complete development plan. The RIL-BP investment in four satellites was approved where USD 1.529 billion FDP was approved in January and the other one which involves D-34 or R-Series field was approved in February.

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Reliance Industries

In the KG-D6 block in Bay of Bengal, there have been a total of 18 gases and an oil discovery. Out of these gases only five were approved for commercial use. In order for a gas to have commercial value for a long time, it needs to have enough reserves.


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