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India Major Contributor In Global Performances Of Coca Cola & YUM! Brands

There is definitely an increase in the economic performance of India which was highlighted by the quarterly report of Coca-Cola and Yum Brands. India is trying to make some moves in order to improve their economic standing while slowing down the growth of other global brands like those in China.

Yum Foods India Logo

Yum Foods India

The Yum Brand was able to improve its numbers with the growth of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. While the growth in China products faced the opposite which was not anticipated by most investors, Coca Cola sales jumped to 20%.

Coca Cola Logo

Coca Cola

Both China and India had experienced some economic downfall in the first quarter of this year. Though China remains as a giant entity when it comes to economic fields, some global brands are getting their investments in India which just show that the market is now slowly spreading out.

There are now a lot of companies that is trying to participate in the progress of India and they are doing some good strategies on these.


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